Tuesday, 20 November 2012


Last week Constable Harwood visited our class and showed us how to be safe when we’re out walking. We learnt about the safe way to walk along the footpath keeping to the house side. We practiced crossing the road the right way at the traffic lights and what to do when a vehicle is parked on the footpath. We even got to sit in the police car with Mrs Morley. It was great fun.

Look out for hazards on the footpath.

Walk close to the house side of the footpath when a vehicle is parked on the footpath.

What are you looking for Mrs Morley?

Stop! Look! and Listen before you cross the street.

Walk quickly across the road and keep checking for vehicles.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Patterns, Patterns Everywhere !!!

Did you know that there are patterns all around us?
Our whole class maths topic for this term is Algebra. 
 On Friday we went outside and looked for patterns. 
We found them everywhere. We even made rubbings 
using crayons. Keep checking our blog to find out 
what else we have been learning about patterns.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

100 days at school

At the beginning of maths each day we talk about, and count numbers. Each day we count how many days we have been at school. Last term we celebrated 100 days at school.
We had a special maths session finding out about all the different ways we could make 100 !!!

10 groups of 10

20 groups of 5

4 groups of 25

100 !!!!!